It’s a sprint not a marathon.

Using our Design Sprints we can go from a idea on a post-it to a living, breathing product tested with your users in only 4 days.

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Generate ideas like the teams at Lego

Using design sprints allows everyone to brainstorm and input, it’s allowed our teams to flourish with creative ideas that can be quickly validated and tested.

Mark Boston
Global Marketing Director
Design Sprints are used by some of the most innovative companies around the world. You know them.
Define the challenge

A 4-day leap into the future - welcome to Design Sprint 2.0

Typically a traditional design and development process can take you anything from 12 weeks to 12 months+ to send a product out into the market.

We skip straight to the learning and doing phase of a project allowing us to bypass the classical lengthy process of product development.

By testing and validating your product earier, we are able to avoid spending $$$ on designing and building something which is not going to work or be loved by your users.

Day 01
Define the challenge

The Design Sprint starts with expert interviews to uncover the challenges, goals and journey mapping. We’ll then run through producing solutions using lightening demos as inspiration to fuel the sketching process.

Partner Participation
Day 02
Storyboard & decide

Tuesday starts with sketched solutions, voting on these to bubble up great ideas. Once decided we move into crafting storyboards visualising the process ready for the final vote and prototype.

Partner Participation
Day 03
Design & prototype

Our design experts will turn the storyboard into a high fidelity spectacular protoype. We strive for design excellence and want to get the best results from user testing, it’ll feel like they are using the end product.

Day 04
Real user testing

The final day is where we test with real users based on your target demographic, asking them a series of questions acid testing the prototyped solution. This is all syntesised into a report document with recommendations and next steps.

Why use a Kuro Design Sprint?

Our experienced facilitators are digital experts, we’ll uncover and execute your ideas rapidly.

& Efficient

Rapidly accomplishing a validated MVP in 4 days where traditional agencies are still writing a proposal.


Save money by testing and validating solutions in the first week, no need to spend months of resource.


Our experts will highlight problems, gaps and provide solutions for next steps. With an iteration or production sprint we’ll help iron out any kinks.

We can tell you all day about why you want to work with us - but ultimately we are really easy to work with and we love what we do. Driven and committed to the cause.

What does a kuro sprint look like?

You don’t just get 4 days of time, you get team alignment and a future product roadmap.

Engaging remote workshop
4-day design sprint 2.0 process
High fidelity prototype
See an example
Targeted user validation
Video highlights of user testing
Executive summary PDF
Including recommendations
Original design files provided
Project handover

We’re a specialist design sprint agency with an experienced team of experts working in the digital space for 30+ years, we’re rapid and can validate your ideas swiftly.

Kuro Sprint Packages

Pick a sprint that suits you. We can take you from an idea on a post-it to a prototype in a week, or if you already have an idea in your mind that you just need someone to execute on, we can make that happen too.

Design Sprint 2.0

4 day sprint
Remote one week sprint process
High fidelity prototype
User validation
Week report
Executive summary PDF
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Iteration Sprint

4 day sprint
Remote one week sprint process
High fidelity prototype
More detailed prototype
Week report
Executive summary PDF
Next step recommendations report
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* Recommended to run both for better results with an improved and validated MVP.
* Recommended to run both for better results with an improved and validated MVP.

Production Sprint

2 week long agile sprint
Fully remote team
Traditional agile lean 2 week sprint
End-to-end delivery
Plug into your work stream or define own project plan
Handover files
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Who's behind the kuro sprints

Rob & Marko are veterans in the digital space with vast knowledge and expertise working in digital for 30+ years across all sectors.


Rob is a full-stack designer with a wealth of design and business experience, working with high-end brands in nearly every sector. He’s now applying his skillset to facilitate and shape great ideas into tested solutions.


Marko is an expert in crafting digital experiences across all digital mediums with an abundance of experience across all sectors and services. He has Lead design programmes for sporting giants Manchester United and pioneered a Design System at a leading Austrian bank He is now focusing on maximising output efficiency through Sprint workshops.

Kuro Team

Kuro works with talented individuals from designers, motion graphic artist, 3D masters, developers and project mangers. We can build a facilitation team that rocks.

We’re accredited by AJ&Smart and apply their wisdom to our process, condensing months into just 4 days for some seriously epic output.

Validate your ideas with real humans in less than a week.

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The Kuro team deployed a fun and engaging design sprint method for FIBR to unlock the core needs of the banking app. Rob and the team facilitated a core sprint process in a day which was incredible, excited to be part of more.

Matthew Morek
Product Designer