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Digital Change.

黒 KURO • (ku-ro)
Japanese for black, symbolising power, authority & mystery.


Our mission is simple. To bring you well executed designs with a carefully considered user experience that will turn your competitors to jelly.


We’re hyper fast, so much so we shock ourselves. We’ve been honing our craft for nearly two decades, it's what we do. We bring you high quality designs on time.


Focus Daniel San! We strive for a single focus at any given time so we can do our best work. We’ve nailed our digital process to give you the best results.


We take pride in our process, it’s how we turn our ideas into reality. We’re transparent so you will always know where we’re at.

C. 2016

We’re bold, daring and brutally honest. We are an experienced team that will engage ourselves in your business - you’ll be in direct touch with our team.

Completed projects
Years of business
Years collective experience

Local foundations with global reach.


Rob founded Kuro in 2016 with the ambition to create a digital agency that delivers rapid design excellence yet is still nimble and affordable.


Our team is now fully remote with core designers, developers, content writers and project managers ready to meet your digital needs. Let’s make your next project impactful.

Everything that the team at Kuro have done with us has supported our quality work, design and level of programming knowledge we need to maintain and refresh our consumer website. Always helpful, with great ideas and a fantastic attitude - great guys to work with!

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